Increasing water injection rates

Increasing pump pressures to achieve improved injectivity in a water injection well had our client concerned about the potential for extensive fracturing in the reservoir. While part of the concern was that the fracture may extend to nearby production wells creating a shortcut for water to pass through the reservoir, the main concern was that… Continue reading Increasing water injection rates

A simplified workflow for completion tubing metallurgy selection

We’re all familiar with the sort of H2S and CO2 partial pressure material selection graph shown in Figure 1. Here, the appropriate metallurgy for a well based on the partial pressure of the CO2 and H2S as well as operational temperature is divided into zones. Increasing CO2 pushes us up the Y-axis moving from standard… Continue reading A simplified workflow for completion tubing metallurgy selection

FEA for ESP Intervention

Following failure of a ESP diverter valve in a dual podded subsea ESP completion, our client considered carrying out a through tubing punch operation to increase flow from the reservoir. While simple tensile strength calculations provided a level of confidence that the tubing could withstand the metal loss from the punching operation, FEA was used… Continue reading FEA for ESP Intervention

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